quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2008

On File - Birds Don't Like The Skinheads

Último EP desta banda escocesa de Oi! tradicional, sem misturar com metal, hardcore, axé, o que for. Ótimas letras. Destaque para a música que dá nome ao EP.

01.Birds Don't Like The Skinheads
02.Back In The Papers
03.Everywhere We Go
04.Like a Pitbull


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x-nuox-x disse...

Siga saga oi!,if i not mistake the owner of this blog is watson??Am i rite??Here nuox again from malaysia..=]..I got some problem to download On File - Birds Don't Like The Skinheads in sharbee,i hope somebody put in 4shared plz..I used mobile phone to download and if i downloading via 4 shared its so much easy..=]i also
Have a few album/ep/demo oi!/ska/punk from malaysia,if u want just email me at anuar0jiwa@gmail.com(the 0 is zero)Thnx n cheers.

x-nuox-x disse...

thanx a lot watsoN

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